Chapter 2: The Quality Evaluation measure


2.1The QE measure accounts for 60 percent of the total funds allocated through the PBRF each year. The QE process uses expert peer-review panels to assess research quality, based on material contained in individual researchers’ Evidence Portfolios (EPs). QEs were held in 2003, 2006, and 2012, with the scores from 2006 used for the 2012 funding calculation.

2.2The final report on the 2012 QE provides a refreshed picture of the quality and strengths of research in the sector. This 2012 performance data notably updates the ratios for the allocation of the QE measure for the 2013 indicative allocation onwards. Information on the 2012 QE is available on the TEC website.4

2.3Funding in relation to the QE is based on: